Early Life


Early Life

I grew up in Long Beach, and went to college at UC Santa Barbara. I graduated completely broke and buried in student loan debt, prompting me to accept a job as a door-to-door salesman right out of college. I succeeded in the role and was promoted to the position of sales manager at the age of 25. Having to earn the respect of the individuals I managed (some of whom were twice my age), meet the demands of corporate, and navigate the frequent changes in my industry polished me into one of the most successful leaders in the company. And then, after four years – I was laid off. During that period which lasted for five months – I sought the advice of mentors, consumed books, traveled, and asked myself deep questions. The insights that I reached during this time realigned my career with my higher mission in life, and these are the insights that I now share with others.

As a corporate professional, Anthropolgy student, and Christian leader, I have a very unique perspective. I enjoy using my insights in order to help people move towards a career and lifestlye that will ultimately enable them to make a meaningful difference in society. I believe that every person has the power to build bridges, solve lareg-scale problems and create a better world.

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