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Do These 5 Things Immediately After You Get Rejected

I was a door to door canvasser for 2 years – getting rejected 75 times per day was a regular occurrence. Take it from me – after experiencing rejection of any kind you need to do these 5 things immediately:

Accept It. Don’t minimize it or rationalize it. Right after that girl rejects you it’s so easy to say to yourself “well she had bad breath anyways”. C’mon man. Who are you kidding?

Process It. The last thing anyone wants to do after getting rejected is dwell on it, but in fact taking a moment to reflect on the rejection is critical to future success. Athletes watch game film after losses to analyze their mistakes, you must do the same after you get rejected. It’s the only way to improve going forward. Just don’t process it for too long.

Don’t Internalize It. The rejection had 2% to do with you as a person. It had 98% to do with your approach, your pitch, and the other persons mental state. Don’t allow it to devastate your self-esteem.

Be Proud Of It. You asked your boss for a raise, you asked that prospective client to buy from you, you approached that cute girl at the mall. Give it up for yourself! You actually had the guts to go for something that most people shy away from because they’re afraid!

Forget It. This is the final step – let it go. Kobe may miss 9 shots in a row but guess what, if the ball is in his hands and the game is on the line he’s taking that 10th shot. This mentality has been true of all greats throughout history. They keep no record of past failure. We all know the story of how many times JK Rowling was rejected in her initial attempts to get Harry Potter published. The great ones forget the rejection and keep at it.