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Become The Definition of Greatness

Are you recognized as the definition of greatness within your space? If not, it’s time to do one of two things. Commit to being great in the space that you are in, or go find another space in which you can be great. I’ve taken both approaches:

Early in my professional career I landed an opportunity at Boeing. I was invited to attend a 1 week training class for prospective satellite technicians. Upon successful completion of the class I would be offered a full-time position. This would be my first ever salaried job with benefits. I was highly motivated to succeed. I  put everything I had into that class – blood sweat and tears – nonetheless I failed miserably and was dismissed after just three days. I lacked the ability to work with small tools using my hands. I was totally out of my strength zone and had no chance of being great at that craft. Getting dismissed from the class was one of the best things that ever happened to me in my career.

Shortly afterwards I found my niche as a canvasser in the solar industry. I quickly and easily developed a knack for building trust and establishing rapport with people. But merely discovering ones strength is not the only step in the staircase to greatness. Shortly after discovering my strength and experiencing a measure of success I made a commitment to greatness. I made it my goal to be the very best solar canvasser there ever was in the history of solar canvassing. I picked the brains of top producers, attended training sessions, read articles and practiced relentlessly. I did this because deep down I knew that greatness (aka mastery) is one of the most awesome feelings that a person can ever experience. I mean did you see how happy LeBron James was when he won the NBA title? Enough said! Greatness is such an awesome feeling because when we’re experiencing greatness we know that we are in alignment with our God given gift to the world!

Everyone has a dose of greatness that is just waiting to be manifested. Find something you’re good at and work at your craft until you become the very definition of a master craftsman in that space. If your name isn’t synonymous with greatness then you are settling for less than you’re capable of. We all have strengths. Find yours and develop it. Greatness is something we owe to ourselves. To me a job isn’t just something I do to make money. It’s my platform to showcase my greatness to the world. What fuels me is the desire to be the very best there ever was and to help others do the same – point, blank period! Do the same in your profession. Commit to greatness, there are few better feelings.