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6 Ways You Should Have Elevated Yourself During The Pandemic

Our nations stay-at-home orders have given many us a rare opportunity to focus on things that tend to otherwise be neglected. As a disclaimer, in no way am I minimizing the tragedy of the lives that have been lost and affected by COVID19. For those of us that are still in good health, there are six key things that we must be sure to do during this unprecedented period of time affluence. Three months from now life may be back to normal. Parties, events, religious commitments and sports will once again consume the white spaces of our calendars. Here’s what you should have been doing over the past 12 months, and what I advise that you begin doing immediately:
1. Rest.
Are you catching up on sleep? Are you relaxing your mind via mediation, prayer, etc? Rest isn’t just physical, it is also mental. The majority of Americans are either unemployed or working from home right now. Has there ever been a better time in our lives for us to recharge our physical and mental battery? Get some rest.
2. Eat Healthier
I’m far from a vegetarian, but these days even I am beginning to cook more and eat healthier. We can’t even dine in at restaurants anymore. What better time has there been to begin preparing healthy dishes, drinking more water, taking vitamins, etc?
3. Sharpen Your Skills
Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax
~Abraham Lincoln.
There are a bevy of free classes available online right now. Many of these classes are being made available by the worlds most prestigious universities; such as Yale, Harvard and UPenn. Not to mention, sites such as YouTube boast an endless wealth of information. Take your professional skills to the next level during this time. Be able to say that you used the quarantine to sharpen your ax.
4. Connect With Your Inner-Circle
Whose in your inner-circle? Your family, your closest few friends, your romantic partner perhaps? So often, the busyness of life can cause us to neglect those whom we love dearest. With all of the time we have available, lets make sure to utilize apps such as Zoom & Facetime to connect with those most important to us. Allow your peripheral acquaintances to fall by the wayside, and press in deeply to those core relationships.
5. Create Something
Pre-quarantine, it was really difficult to find time to create stuff. Stuff can be anything; art, music, a business, an ebook, a wooden table, the possibilities are endless. What have you always wanted to create but struggled to find time for in the past? Now is your time to build that thing.
6. Practice Gratitude
You’re alive, you’re healthy, your basic needs are met. In a time like this, you have more going for you than many people across the world. Take some time to practice gratitude for these things. I recommend taking a few minutes each morning to immerse yourself in a time of reflection upon the things you are grateful for.
It’s not too late to get started on any or all of these things. But don’t procrastinate, thankfully this pandemic appears to be nearing its end!